How to Become a Translator or Interpreter

The translation and interpretation business has become a large industry. As the US market becomes global, the need for communication in various languages expands. Many people have the skills to become a successful translator or interpreter but need the steps to break into this emerging field. Here are some of the key points to becoming successful.

Know the difference between translation and interpretation. Translation is the procedure of converting the meaning of written text from a given source language to a given target language without distorting the message. Interpretation involves facilitating oral language communication between two or more parties at the same time who are not speaking in the same language. These are two separate and distinct skills. There are very few people who can do both.

Know your language and your specialty. You don’t need to know five different languages. You need to know your native language and one other in order to work in this field. Also, know your specialty. This business requires knowledge in many areas including legal, medical, technical, and marketing. If you have a special interest or area of expertise, make sure you let that shine. Someone without a medical background is not going to be able to translate for a pharmaceutical company.

Develop relationships with other translators and interpreters. Professional translators and interpreters know each other and refer to others when they are too busy or not right for a job. Also, develop a relationship with someone who can edit your work. Editors are crucial in writing and in translation.

Develop experience and go for training. To gain experience, volunteer at schools, charities, local organizations or anywhere you can fine tune your skills. You need to have hands on experience. Also, consider some professional training. There are plenty of online courses that can help you develop your skills. You may also need to get certified in order to work in certain settings. Many legal courts require an interpreter to be certified within their state.

The translation and interpretation business is an exciting field. If you have the right skills, you can be successful. There are numerous agencies and private companies who are hiring professional translators and interpreters. Rapport International, a translation and interpretation company based in metro west Boston, MA is one good source for all foreign language translation needs and is often looking to increase their number of trained, qualified translators and interpreters. Rapport can provide quality tran

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