Five Factors for Choosing a Language Translation Company

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a language translation company for document translation.  Here are 5 of them:

  1. Make sure that your vendor is using the latest translation memory/database enabling tools and that they are not charging you for repeat phrases or overcharging on fuzzy matches.  Many vendors discount the word rate, but then charge over and over again for the translation of the same string when future updates are required.
  2. Choose a vendor that hires professional translators who are trained and qualified in the appropriate subject matter.  Not everyone that knows the source and target languages can act as a translator and machine translation is far from achieving desired results.
  3. Check with the vendor to make sure that the team of translators used can be engaged in follow up projects to maintain continuity and consistency. Document translation can take place by one translator, but quality is better achieved when another set of eyes reviews the full source against the target. Make sure your vendor is involving a second translator in the process.
  4. Translated documents often require professional desktop publishing, particularly before sending to print. Make sure your translation company can provide professional desktop publishing.
  5. Request a dedicated project manager to ensure that your project is delivered on budget, on schedule and based on predetermined quality expectations. Use only vendors that employ professional project managers.

Rapport International, LLC is a full service language translation company based in metro-west Boston.  Rapport can handle all your translation needs in over 100 languages.

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