English to Vietnamese Interpreter Spotlight – December 2018

Here at Rapport International we believe that our greatest assets, what makes us stand out from the rest, are our professional interpreters and translators. They are the best in the business, and we’d like to share their stories. This month we are spotlighting TPL (name withheld for privacy), an interpreter based in Nebraska, who has been with Rapport International for about a year. In TPL’s own words:

What languages do you speak fluently?

I speak Vietnamese and English fluently.

What is your background?

I am from Vietnam and have been living in the US about a year now. I learned English in school and also studied Biotechnology in International University where everything was in English. I also watched a lot of movies and did research in English.

Why did you become an interpreter?

When I came to America, I went with my grandfather to every doctor visit to interpret for him. This was in part because I needed to practice my driving skills, but also because my grandmother knew I could help remember and understand anything my grandfather would forget. It made my grandmother feel better about my grandfather’s condition.

It was good for me to use my language skills to help other people. Also, it is a motivation for me to keep learning English.

What joys do you get from helping others in your interpreting, or in the community?

My joy is that my job helps people close the language gaps. Doctors, therapists and nurses can do their jobs faster. Patients feel more confident to explain their symptoms. Also, I personally enjoy watching people get better every day through treatment.

When it comes to interpreting, what advice do you have-or what mistakes have you seen clients and patients making when working with an interpreter?

I think a problem some providers have is asking the interpreter about the patients because they know we’ve seen that patient before. Also, when the doctor or nurse steps away (especially for an extended time), patients sometimes share information expecting the interpreter to tell providers later on, instead of using the interpreter as a direct real-time communicator. I think that breaks the relationship between provider and patient and makes them feel closer to the interpreter instead.

What other interesting things would you like to share about yourself personally?

My medical interpreting helps fulfill my love of the series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Back in Vietnam, I had to help my family interpret movies where the subtitles were wrong.

What other interesting things would you like to share?

My schedulers are very nice and informative. They have helped me a lot whenever I have encountered a problem at work. I am grateful to be a part of a company from which I can learn many things and feel useful to my community.

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We hope you enjoyed reading TPL’s story. Join us again to meet another one of our extraordinary professionals, the heart and soul of Rapport International.

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