Do Words Affect our Thoughts?

Can the words we use affect the way we think? Do the words that describe an item actually affect the way we view the item? In some languages, the words used to describe a building can denote whether it is female or male. When a masculine word is used, the building is then thought to be enduring, immense, and full of strength. When a feminine word is used to describe the building, it is then thought of as elegant and a work of beauty.

Many psychologists and even scientists are studying these questions. Does language shape the way we think and see the world? Is language just a means of expressing thought or does it help shape it?

If words can shape the way we think, then we need to acknowledge how important the words we use really are. Imagine how crucial it is to have the correct translation between languages. Even a small incorrect translation of a noun or adjective can have a profound affect on the outcome of the meaning. Many languages assign gender to their nouns and adjectives. If there is a grammatical error; an idea, thought, or expression is sabotaged.

Language can even shape what we see. Using descriptive words helps people remember what they saw. Vibrant colors are remembered when described with flashy names and not just light green or dark green.

Language translation is extremely important. Not in just expressing thoughts but in actually shaping them. When working between languages, it is important to use a quality translation service. Rapport International, a translation and interpretation company based in metrowest Boston, MA is one good source for all foreign language translation needs. Rapport can provide quality translation done by experienced translators in over 100 languages.

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