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Brand name translation and testing are part of the services offered at Rapport International.  Our management team can walk you through the steps of taking your product to an international level.

When a product or advertising concept is successful in the United States, most companies want to take their product to a global level by introducing it to an international market.  Before you do, there are some very important steps you need to take to make sure your product and brand will be successful.

Product names and advertising campaigns need to be tested for impact and appropriateness when being introduced in different languages and cultures.  At Rapport International, we will take your product or brand and put it to the test.  We have the knowledge and resources to do product translation and testing within your new markets and provide you with significant feedback.

Some of the key name branding issues that Rapport will test for are:

  • Associations - both positive and negative
  • Impact - effectiveness in different languges
  • Appropriateness - does it carry any negative connotations or innuendos
  • Uniqueness - are there other similar products, brand names or advertising campaigns
  • Misunderstanding - are there any potential misunderstandings
  • Pronunciation -  is it easy to pronounce

Once all the information is complied, Rapport will provide you with an extensive course of action on how to proceed with your new product launch.

Rapport International is a full service language translation and interpretation company based in metro-west Boston.  Rapport can provide foreign language services in over 200 languages.   Rapport offers free project consultation, free project quotes and exceptional customer service.  To learn more about Rapport Translations, please visit our website at


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