August International Holidays 2018

toasting with beerIn the United States, we don’t celebrate any big holidays in the month of August. BUT, we went searching for some obscure holidays and found that in the month of August there are all kinds of things to celebrate. Here are just a few weird holidays you can celebrate this month; 8/3 International Beer Day, 8/10 National S’mores Day, 8/13 Left-Hander’s Day, 8/16 Tell a Joke Day, 8/26 National Dog Day, and so many more. So this year, grab a beer  and a s’mores with your left hand, tell some jokes while petting your dog, and have a great month of August!

What holiday or celebration do you most look forward to in August? Comment below so we can celebrate with you.

Holidays celebrated around the world in August (this is not an exhaustive list, please comment with additional holidays and celebrations):

1st August

Swiss National Day: Switzerland

Emancipation Day: Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago

3rd August

Independence Day: Niger

6th August

Farmer's Day: Zambia

7th August

Battle of Boyaca: Colombia

Independence Day: Ivory Coast

9th August

National Day: Singapore

10th August

Independence Day: Ecuador

11th August

Independence Day: Chad

12th August

Queen's Birthday: Thailand

13th August

Independence Day: Central African Republic

Women's and Family Day: Tunisia

Heroes' Day: Zimbabwe

14th August

Independence Day: Pakistan

Armed Forces Day: Zimbabwe

15th August

Independence Day: India

National Day: Liechtenstein

Liberation Day: South Korea

16th August

Independence Day: Gabon

Restoration Day: Dominican Republic

17th August

Independence Day: Indonesia

19th August

Independence Day: Afghanistan

20th August

Independence Restoration Day: Estonia

National Day - Hungary

24th August

Independence Day: Ukraine

National Flag Day: Liberia

25th August

Ghost Festival: Taiwan*

Independence Day: Uruguay

27th August

Independence Day: Moldova

30th August

St. Rose of Lima Day: Peru

Victory Day: Turkey

31st August

Independence Day: Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad & Tobago

National Day: Malaysia

* August 25th Ghost Festival in Taiwan. During the seventh lunar month, the Taiwanese celebrate Ghost Month, a time when the gates between the living world and hell are believed to open, letting the dead into the living realm. The Taiwanese prepare special foods and sacrificial offerings to the dead to help absolve the suffering of the deceased. During the Ghost Month, the people of Taiwan tend to avoid surgery, buying cars, swimming, moving their homes, getting married, whistling and going out or taking pictures after dark. The celebration culminates with a parade and releasing of water lanterns on the 14th day of the lunar month. Read more here.

Rapport International works with customers who do business internationally or with culturally diverse customers, and we love to celebrate with our clients. We hope you’ve enjoyed the information above, and that you’ll join us in celebrating on a global level.


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