April International Holidays 2018

In the United States April signals the start of a new season, and in the northeast where Rapport International is based, the blooming of nature – “April showers bring May flowers”. April also signals the start of a new year for people in South and Southeast Asia, who follow the Buddhist/Hindu solar calendar. This month we highlight Songkran, the new year celebration in Thailand.

What holiday or celebration do you most look forward to in April? Comment below so we can celebrate with you.

Holidays celebrated around the world in April (this is not an exhaustive list, please comment with additional holidays and celebrations):

1st April

Republic Day: Iran

2nd April

Malvinas Day/Day of the Veterans: Argentina

4th April

Children’s Day: Taiwan

Independence Day: Senegal

5th April

Arbor Day: South Korea

6th April

Chakri Day: Thailand

7th April

Women's Day: Mozambique

9th April

Martyr's Day: Tunisia

11th April

Juan Santamaría Day: Costa Rica

13th April

Songkran (4/13-15): Thailand*

Maha Thingyan/Water Festival (4/13-16): Myanmar

14th April

America Day: Honduras

17th April

Independence Day: Syria

18th April

Independence Day: Zimbabwe

19th April

Independence Day: Venezuela

King's Birthday: Swaziland

20th April

Fast and Prayer Day: Liberia

21st April

Tiradentes Day: Brazil

23rd April

National Sovereignty: Turkey

St. George's Day: England

25th April

Anzac Day: Australia, New Zealand

Liberation Day: Italy, Portugal

National Flag Day: Swaziland

Sinai Liberation Day: Egypt

26th April

Union Day: Tanzania

27th April

Independence Day: Sierra Leone, Togo

28th April

Afghan Victory Day: Afghanistan


shutterstock_626398274.jpg*On April 13 each year, the country of Thailand, as well as other local regions in southern Asia, celebrate Songkran, or Thai New Year. Songkran corresponds with the rising of Aries on the astrological chart, and the New Year of many calendars of South and Southeast Asia, in keeping with the Buddhist/Hindu solar calendar. The main traditions of Songkran in Thailand involve visiting and paying reverence to family and elders in hometowns, “making merit” to Buddha, or offerings to Buddha and Buddhist monks, and a water cleansing to purify and wash away sins and bad luck in the new year. The modern Songkran water festival has expanded to include large gatherings of young and old participating in water fights with water guns and splashing each other in the streets.

To read more about Songkran, click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songkran_(Thailand).


Rapport International works with customers who do business internationally or with culturally diverse customers, and we love to celebrate with our clients. We hope you’ve enjoyed the information above, and that you’ll join us in celebrating on a global level.


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